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All Out Bail Bonds Services

  • Bail Bonds & Transfer Bails
  • Federal, Criminal, Transfer & Immigration Bails In All States

    All Out Bail Bonds is your one stop bail bond agency for getting out of jail quickly, effectively, and more importantly, affordably. All Out Bail Bonds is a direct link to the insurance company that we have been doing business with for over 25 years now. There are no third party agencies or companies involved which makes your experience with All Out Bail Bonds 100% hassle-free.

    Please review our list of services below for they might have changed significantly since your last visit to our website.

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    Transfer Bails

    All Out Bail Bonds also specializes in transfer bails which allows you to depend on us as your nationwide bail bond agency. Transfer bails; as we call them here at All Out Bail Bonds, refers to getting a bail posted remotely to the court system that you are currently dealing with. If you call us from any state in the US we can have a bail transfered to your jail and get you out quickly without any hassle or worry on your end.

  • Attorney Referrals
  • Attorneys We Work With

    All Out Bail Bonds often offeres attorney referral at little or at no cost to our clients / defendants. This service will save you time and the leg work since we have tons of attorneys on file that are willing to work with you and your specific needs. If your interested in having All Out Bail Bonds set you up with a meeting for an attorney that we work with please send us an email.

    Below is a list with some of the attorneys we work with. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding the attorneys we work with. If you are an attorney and have worked with us before, please drop us a line by going to our contact page and we’ll get your link posted on here as soon as possible.

    Peter Festa
    Saleemah Brown
    Harley Breite
    Navarro Gray
    Richard Blender

  • Bail Reductions
  • Reduced Bails, Minimum Worries.

    All Out Bail Bonds offers to file for a bail reduction at no cost to our clients / defendants if they so choose to have All Out Bail Bonds post the bail amount for them. This can become a time consuming process ultimately resulting in more time spent in jail by the defendant.

    This is where we come in, having us post your bail will not only get you out of jail as soon as possible, but we attempt to petition the courts and have the bail amount reduced. Although All Out Bail Bonds offers this service for free it does not mean a defendant will always qualify for a reduction on his or her bail.

    Getting the bail amount reduced depends on several factors and decisions the court will make based on:

    • The defendant’s criminal record
    • If the defendant is a danger to society
    • Probability of appearing in court again

    To have All Out Bail Bonds post your bail or the bail of a family member or loved one please head over to the contact page to get started. We offer our services in all 50 states and have agents on call 24 / 7.

  • Payment Plans
  • Setup A Payment For Your Bail Amount

    Come into one All Out Bail Bond’s two convenient locations in either Paterson, New Jersey or Clifton, New Jersey to speak with one of our agents today about setting up a new payment plan. We currently accept all payment forms including collateral for larger bonds. Collateral can be a vehicle or even gold that we will pay cash for.

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